Color E-Ink readers products coming to market finally!

I’m sure I’m not the only person who has been hoping for a color electronic notepad that has a real paper feel (but also in color). Microsoft OneNote is great at taking notes, but the problem is if you need to do something quickly, or just jot down some ideas booting up your laptop is a pain. Whilst many people use the Apple/Wacom/Samsung stylus on tablets I find that drawing on glass and the lack of tactile response a put off.

I’ve been drawn to the devices like reMarkable 2, which promises to “replace your notebooks and printed documents with the only tablet that feels like paper.” but without color I am unable to properly express my ideas or annotate meeting notes better than just typing them into OneNote.

Luckily there are two new technologies that could potentially help us find the ultimate digital true paper feel, with tactile response, low eye strain and color.

They are color E INK’s Kaleido and TCL’s NXTPaper.

  • E INK’s Kaleido – improves on existing e-ink technology (for example what is used in Kindles) but adds 4096 colors. The problem is it has similar response times to existing e-ink readers and the colors won’t wow you like a glossy magazine.
  • TCL’s NXTPaper – is built on LCD technology but relies on reflection for lighting. Has faster response time, and greater resolution than E INK, and also uses up to 65% less energy than light emitting LCD’s. The problem is the technology is pretty new and not many people have spent a lot of time with it.

Some products have already come to market in China using these technologies, I can’t wait for them to be more widely released and ready for use! I reached out to reMarkable but their support team did not know when they might be releasing a color version 🙁


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