Will air taxis and autonomous vehicles have their big break in 2021 or are they be stuck in catch 22?

There are hopes that Volocopter could debut a flying taxi in Singapore in 2021. The German company has reportedly been in talks with the Singapore Economic Development Board, Transport Ministry and the Civil Aviation Authority to bring air taxis to the city state.

Singapore has been often thought of as an ideal place to experiment with novel transportation systems as the city is compact and has an innovation friendly environment, which could both make the roll out of experimental technologies simpler, more likely and less costly to deploy.

Whilst the chances of the project going live are unknown (I’m thinking they are very slight, but hopefully will be proved wrong) it is interesting to see this type of innovation taking place. If a safe, reliable, affordable, and autonomous system could be widely released it could revolutionize transportation in highly built up areas like New York, London, Dubia, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Some places, like India which banned autonomous vehicles in 2019, will be continue to be resistant to autonomous vehicles (for many valid reasons) what both autonomous vehicles and air taxis need is a “big break”, once one city or state has proven that they are safe and can break-even I think there will be plenty who would rush to follow – that’s the catch22.


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